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Born in Nashville, raised on David Olney and Steve Earle, Jonathan Henley has long had an appreciation for singer songwriters. “I remember when I was 14, my dad took me to a Willie Nelson and Bob Dylan show at Greer Stadium. I went down to the stage to watch Willie, but fell asleep for most of Dylan’s set.  The next day I put on the ‘The Essential Bob Dylan’. When ‘Positively 4th street’ came on I knew that writing songs was all I wanted to do.”  After attending school in Florida and bouncing around for a few years, Henley found himself busking on the streets of New Orleans.  “I was making about $ 5 a day but was hearing and playing with some of the best musicians I’ve ever met.”  With some of these musicians Henley recorded his first album, “Reel Time”, with Bill Howard and Duff Thompson of Mashed Potato Records, live to a reel-to-reel tape recorder.  His song “Here to Stay” (Reel Time) was featured on “Mashed Potato Records Comp 1” and Nashville based Youtube channel GemsOnVHS. After a few years of gigging and busking, Henley made the move back to Nashville. “I was working for my dad as a carpenter’s helper for what should have been a brief stint, when my roommate called and told me we were getting evicted, all of the sudden I was living in Nashville again, it was like having the decision made for me.” Though still working in construction here and there, Henley has made time to get back into music, playing at old local hideouts like Betty’s and Brown’s Diner, and releasing albums when he can, his second album, "Springtime in the Rockies", is out now.



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